As a manufacturer, we are quite familiar with the requirements of the professional use of headsets in the various areas. We will supply you with innovative headsets, equipped with the latest technology. Or concisely stated: The optimal headset for professional usage.

Customer Service after the Purchase

You can always reach a competent employee via telephone during office hours. So that we can make the impossible possible upon a daily basis, we are constantly investing in the training and continuing education of our employees. We guarantee the high degree of availability via our own support organisation.

High Flexibility

As a medium-sized company with roots in Switzerland, we are very flexible and can fulfil a large number of customer requests. If a problem arises, we will work together to skilfully find a good solution.

Personal Consulting

So you would like to know which product is exactly right for your requirements? Our certified and technically-trained employees would be glad to answer your questions. Thanks to our consulting on the differences between the products as well as the advantages and disadvantages, you will decide correctly and save yourself a lot of frustration as well as not have to make a second purchase later.

Repairs: Fast and Reliable

Products and devices are serviced and maintained by freeVoice itself. This will save you and us a lot of trouble and you will once again quickly have your product back.

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