The perfect headset for all situations

freeVoice Space Stereo NC (Bluetooth, USB) incl. Charger und Vision 320 Webcam


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Product number: FBT650BTS-C2
freeVoice Vision 540 (USB, 1080p, 60.9°, PTZ)


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Product number: FRV-V540
freeVoice Space 440 UC Stereo corded (USB-A)


€84.55 List price

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Product number: FSP440UCB

Professional headsets from freeVoice

As a long-standing headphone specialist, we have decided to prove our expertise also as a manufacturer. freeVoice offers wired and wireless headsets for call centers/contact centers, open-plan offices, reception or mobile use. Our products convince with wearing comfort, sound quality and noise cancelling. They are also ready for use for applications such as Skype for Business or other Unified Communications service providers.

Conversion to All-IP  

We have the right equipment for the telecom conversion to All-IP. With us you will find VoIP devices to your taste: whether wired headset or wireless headset. We offer professional headsets for use in the office or on the road, which can be used in the future.

Wireless headsets

Enjoy more freedom of movement with wireless headsets, which we offer both as Bluetooth headsets and DECT headsets. With the cordless phone headsets from freeVoice you also benefit from the usual advantages such as noise cancelling, high wearing comfort and excellent sound quality when making calls. We also offer the right connection cables for every telephone system and the right accessories for every taste. Whether in an open-plan office, in a call centre/contact centre or on the move, with our headsets you can always make wireless calls like a professional.