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In a world where the world of work is constantly changing, freeVoice is the brand paving the way for the Modern Workspace. Our focus is on products that have become indispensable in today's workplace, and we pride ourselves on revolutionising the way people work and communicate.

We go beyond just delivering products. We visit production sites in person to ensure that each device meets the highest standards. Our relationships with manufacturers are based on partnership, trust and integrity.

Before a product is included in our range, we subject it to rigorous testing and inspection in our own test environment. Only products that meet our exacting requirements for performance, reliability and ease of use receive the freeVoice seal of quality.

freeVoice Headsets

For decades, Switzerland was internationally known for robust functionality and simple elegance in product design. In a small, professional team consisting of designers, engineers and users, the freeVoice products are developed in Switzerland.

The smart headset "Fox" is a platform that also makes future technologies in telephony integrable. The headset "Space" ideally connects the office and mobile world. With our headsets, we follow the Swiss design tradition and present high-quality products - design made in Switzerland.

Communication is Our Passion

As a long-standing distributor of headsets, voice communication is deeply rooted in our DNA. It influences us and our customers every day and we are always amazed by the innovations and the possibilities that are constantly developing. The fascination for headsets and the broad knowledge we have been able to gather over the past years has motivated us to develop our own headset line.

freeVoice headsets are the perfect companion in your everyday work, whether as DECT or with Bluetooth technology. Because we have the right solution for every application. Whether in an open-plan office, call center, warehouse, mobile or reception: freeVoice offers the right solution.

freeVoice promises highest wearing comfort and quality

Both design and sound quality give you the feeling of having a face-to-face conversation. Whether you're in a noisy environment or a single office, you'll always be ready with noise-canceling technology. The ergonomic design provides even more comfort for anyone who makes a lot of calls. And all this at an extremely reasonable price.

freeVoice Workspace

The term "Modern Workplace" describes the workplace of the future. Enabling people to work from home is a highly discussed topic in the context of digitalisation projects. A modern workplace offers all the possibilities on the road that are also available in the office. The biggest advantage: being able to work completely independently of time and space and, above all, efficiently. 

With our high-quality freeVoice products, hybrid working is possible from anywhere. The freeVoice range covers all needs and application areas.

Why you should shop with us

At freeVoice, your satisfaction is our top priority. We place great importance on quality and offer products only from reputable manufacturers that meet the highest standards. Our experienced team is always available to provide you with expert advice and assist you with any questions or concerns. Thanks to our fast delivery times, you can soon have your new work tools in your hands.

Get ready to transform your workplace into an innovative and productive oasis! Immerse yourself in the world of the Modern Workplace and boost your efficiency with our high-quality headsets, docking stations, and other gadgets.

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